Do you have any of these 'worries'
about exhibiting at exhibitions?

  • I'm a first-time exhibitor and don't know where to start.
  • I have something I want to do at the exhibition but need new ideas
  • Not enough staff to run the day of the exhibition, too much to do with too few people in charge
  • Previous exhibitions did not attract as many visitors as envisaged
  • Post-exhibition customer lists are lying untouched.

Ikkosha's 'Exhibition Entire Support'
can solve all your exhibition problems!

The most important thing to remember when
exhibiting at a trade show is to leave
everything to one company.

Exhibiting at a trade show involves many different things moving at once, making it easy for omissions and compromises to occur.
Therefore, the best way to avoid mistakes is to commission as few support companies as possible.
In addition, as the person in charge of the exhibition is often not dedicated to the exhibition, he/she can focus on his/her traditional work by reducing his/her workload.

Service details and implementation flow

STEP 1Detailed Discussion
Exhibit project
  • Subsidy application diagnosis
  • Exhibition theme planning
Arrangements and preparations for the day's operations
  • CO (companion)/MC (moderator)/interpreter selection
  • Preparation of talk scripts
Creative production
  • Booth design, conduit planning, graphic design.
  • Exhibition panel/video/signage content planning/production.
attracting visitors
  • Production of special websites for announcements
  • DM production/dispatch
STEP 2Advance Preparation
Set-up and decoration
  • Booth set-up, bringing in own equipment
  • Placement of products/catalogues/novelties brought in
  • Installation of questionnaires
  • Check internet environment
  • Audio/visual checks
  • Rehearsal
STEP 3During the Exhibition
Operational support
  • Dealing with visitors
  • Scheduling presentations
  • Confirmation of operations
  • Directing the CO/MC
  • Lunch arrangements for participants
  • Reception arrangements
  • Packing and dispatch of takeaway items
  • Photographing of booths
STEP 4After the End of the Session
Customer follow-up
  • Lead entry (business card registration/listing)
  • Thank-you emails
  • Expansion into MA tools - customer development
  • Business meeting tele-appointments
  • Attracting customers to seminars/tele appointments
  • Catalogue/novelty dispatch
  • Printing of catalogue replenishment

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Comparison with other companies' services

General exhibition support companies Ikkosha
Scope of services

Limited support such as 'decoration only'
or 'just running the day'

One-stop, wide-ranging support from the initial planning stages to post-exhibition follow-up

Support system

Only the front part of the exhibition management is handled.

Preparing and submitting exhibiting documents, data entry of acquired business cards and other detailed tasks.


Implement customers' requests as they are.

Builds exhibition strategies through thorough communication with customers and proposes ideas that exceed their requirements.

Production and customer attraction

Designs that do not take into account how to attract visitors on the day of the exhibition
Not supported for web promotion, etc.

Logical branding and customer attraction support based on
a precise strategy, with an awareness of the lead lines
and booth layout.


Booth set-up and take-down only

Not only set-up and decoration, but also detailed on-site support on the day of the event and progress management for lead acquisition.

Follow-up service

Limited support such as 'no follow-up' or 'lead acquisition only'

From business card registration and listing to customer nurturing, email distribution and business appointments through marketing automation.


Fixed price to be determined.

Flexible quotations tailored to the
customer's budgetary situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Latest achievements


Business activities
Manufacture and sale of industrial furnaces, industrial machinery, etc.
Exhibition name
Thermotec 2022
Tokyo Big Sight
1-3 June 2022
Exhibit points/effectiveness
All exhibition panels were converted to "touch panel signage", enabling a variety of information to be provided on the spot. Achieved 1.5 times the number of leads compared to the previous exhibition and 15% of all visitors.


Business activities
Manufacture and sale of hairdressing and beauty scissors, nail scissors, pet scissors and nippers.
Exhibition name
Asia Beauty Expo 2022
Pacifico Yokohama
30-31 May 2022.
Exhibit points/effectiveness
Booth design with low decoration costs. The shading of the carpe letters increases the presence. Scissor cutting demonstration and at the same time video recording reduced costs for future content creation. Also gained 520 on line members, supporting the transformation from BtoBtoC to DtoC.


Business activities
Cosmetic Osteopathic Correction of Small Face・Cosmetic Osteopathic Correction of Whole Body
Exhibition name
Beauty World Japan
Tokyo Big Sight
16-18 May 2022.
Exhibit points/effectiveness
Booth design with visibility from the main line in mind.


I don't know where to start.
We will work with you to organise the details of your exhibition and plans for attracting visitors, starting with what you should do at the exhibition.
Can the booths be both systems and woodwork?
Yes, we can handle both. We will select and propose an exhibition policy based on the overall budget and objectives.
How long is the preparation time required?
Ideally, you should start preparing around three to six months in advance to attract customers in advance, but depending on the content, it is possible to do so in a shorter period of time.
How much does it cost?
We will make a proposal based on the customer's requirements and provide a flexible quotation for the best plan.
Please feel free to contact us first.

Contact us for a free quotation
and exhibition consultation.

Company name
Enquiry details

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.